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Virtual Reality

The virtual reality is an interactive simulation where the user can interact in real time with an artificial environment in a complete immersion. It must be understood that the "VR" is the combination of many technologies. The user can interact with the digital universe through interfaces and a computer. Interfaces are devices, as the computer mouse. Others devices can enhance the interactivty such as the motor interfaces : Gloves, controllers, sensors.


The virtual reality equipment is composed of tools that are based on one of the human sight principles, the stereoscopic vision. Thanks to HMD (Head-Mounted Display) or 3D glasses, each eye own has its own screen. Then, images of each screen are processed by our brain to form a single visual perception in relief, 3D.


Others sensory interfaces allow to reproduce faithfully the immersion, we found there screens, glasses and VR headsets, these technologies and immersive system immerse your audience in another world. In virtual reality, HMD or simulation room (CAVEs) gather the motor and sensory properties. these are sensory-motor interfaces allowing the most complete interactive simulation. Immersive Display is offering you a wide range of these products.

VR Accessories

For an optimal immersion experience, unpack the essential accessories for your VR headset, ranging from protective cover (VR Cover), cameras mounting bracket to carrying case. Pratical accessories combining personalization with utility.

European major player on the VR market

Since 2016, Immersive Display is the European leader in the online sale of virtual reality equipment and accessories. Find a wide range of products covering all the VR or 3D needs of an integrator or a professional user. We assure you an immediate availability of all products visible on the site in stock ready for shipment. Of course, our online catalog is not complete, so it is sometimes necessary to contact us to know the availability of a specific reference. We are supplier of products dedicated to immersive and VR technologies.

Advice and reactivity

Beyond the online site, our technical and sales teams are here to advise you and lead you on suitable equipment, also to carry out a complete expertise of your needs. Through our experience and our human scale, we are at your disposal, accessible and reactive.

Department dedicated to professional services

For your large-scale projects requiring a custom follow-up, specific advice and quantitative prices, the sales team is in charge of making the best to provide you better, faster, cheaper.