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Virtual Reality

Foy your applications CAVEs (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), VR wall, Workbench, Virtual reality headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, FOV 110°) optical tracking system and motion capture


Equipment and 3D solutions, projection, 3D glasses, new 3D technologies, 


Immersive technologies and systems to immerse your audience into another world, cinema, museum, historic sites, monuments, virtual tour


An immersive display for your image campaign - Branding on all media (large formats, curve...)



Image processing

Motion capture

Active 3D system

HTC Vive headset

"VR Ready" PC


Imagine your videowall
2016-09-19 17:57:08
Imagine your videowall

It can create all kinds of play mode for all types of wall (irregular, portrait ...) in complete autonomy without need for a PC or software. The processor can connect to multiple input sources...

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Range of projectors dedicated to simulation - virtual reality
2016-07-11 16:09:33
Range of projectors dedicated to simulation - virtual reality

See our range of Projectors Digital Projection dedicated to Virtual Reality and Immersion: Edge blending function - Warpblanking - Cornerstone. DLP micro block 0.67 "high performance ...

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Power of Virtual Reality
2016-07-01 17:09:08
Power of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have the potential to become the next major trend in the world. On the market picture of smartphones and tablets

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Leasing financing
2016-06-28 17:58:28
Leasing financing

financing simulation for your order in Leasing !

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VR store : Hardware for Virtual Reality and Immersive Display

Innovative distribution equipment for professionals

Find on Immersive Display hardware and software dedicated to the Virtual Reality (VR). VR store in France and Europe. Whatever your plans - your needs, we offer for sale all equipment necessary to your project success : video projector, 4K projector, 3D projector, laser projector, virtal reality headset, display, screen, tracking system, adapted VR workstations, processing, warping, blending and accessories. For all areas of Virtual Reality, 3D, Immersion and Display. For professionals, we designed a special PRO area with dedicated service and pricelist.