Interact into a virtual world

Our product catalog in interactivity field combines tracking, motion capture and interaction technologies such as gloves, joysticks and headtracking. Find out the optical tracking cameras we offer on our online catalog, but do not hesitate to contact us for further references.
Optical capture is a natural way for an user to interact with an imaginary world using his or her body, hands, head and more ...
Application areas : Virtual reality (CAVEs, L-shaped display, Minicave, tracked stereoscopy ...), in a virtual digital world, the user interacts with his body and real actions. In order to achieve the most realistic interaction possible in the virtual universe, motion tracking technology is required.
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The augmented reality is also a sector in full expansion where the virtual meets reality.
In the audiovisual & broadcast sector, motion capture is also regularly used, it is why we advise you the right material to allow a reliable, accurate and fast capture. Motion capture was deployed primarily to meet the needs of the film industry and create stunning visual effects.
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