Efficient and easy image processing

Image processing is the process of transforming, enhancing or extracting information. In the videoprofessional field, this is a problem often encountered due to environmental and technical constraints.
As a result, we have a wide range of products that can process the image. We also design in our facilities our own image processing processors.
Tested, verified and certified by our partner manufacturers of projectors, the solutions of Edge Blending, Warping, Wall of image, conversion 3D are available in our catalog.
Our goal is to provide you processing equipment with high processing power and high quality image rendering.

  • Low profile PCIe card with the latest 6G-SDI and HDMI 2.0a connections to play videos up to 2160p30 on your computer.

    214,80 € incl. tax
  • VIOSO Anyblend is the most powerful software solution for your projection settings in warping, softedge blending, self-alignment: Direct integration in Windows 7 Advanced warping for multipl projections Auto alignment of projectors Advanced integration features Compatible with professional graphics cards Compatible Plugins : X-Plane, Prepar3D, Ogre3D,...

  • The DeckLink Mini Monitor acquisition card controls uncompressed 10-bit video.

    162,00 € incl. tax
  • 10-bit video recording card from 3G-SDI sources, HDMI without compression. It automatically switches between HD and SD formats to support all video formats. Compatible with Windows, Max, Linux and all video software.

    162,00 € incl. tax
  • With Blackmagic miniaturized design (Micro) format converter, you can convert SDI to HDMI signals.

    94,80 € incl. tax
  • With Blackmagic Design's miniature (Micro) format converter, you can convert HDMI signals to SDI signals to be connected with mixers, switching grids or monitors.

    94,80 € incl. tax
  • Convert your Ultra HD signal (6G-SDI) to optical fiber and fiber to Ultra HD simultaneously. It supports all popular HD, SD and 4K video formats.

    546,00 € incl. tax
  • With the Blackmagic fiber optic converter, convert your SDI fiber signals to support all standard video formats (HD, SD, HD-SDI, 3Gb / s).

    214,80 € incl. tax
  • The HDMI-SDI 4K Mini Converter allows you to convert HDMI video in the following formats: SD, HD, 3G and Ultra HD. Integrating audio via HDMI, analog or AES / EBU inputs.

    330,00 € incl. tax
  • Convert your HDMI signals to SDI in all SD-HD formats up to 1080p60. Integrating audio via HDMI, analog or AES / EBU inputs.

    214,80 € incl. tax
  • In the Mini format, the Blackmagic SDI-HDMI 4K converter is designed to convert HD, SD, 3G and Ultra HD video signals to HDMI signals in all SD, HD and 4K video formats. It also allows an audio signal to be routed through analogue, HDMI or AES / EBU inputs.

    330,00 € incl. tax
  • The Mini Converter allows you to convert SDI signals to HDMI in HD and SD formats and up to 1080p60. Integrating audio to HDMI output, use it with HDMI televisions and video projectors.

    214,80 € incl. tax
  • The IDW-103 is a new generation controller and brings the creation of video wall to a new level ! The video wall controller IDW-103 is the first hardware solution that can create any type of display Video wall Picture in picture - Side by side Flip Presets Unlimited chaining

    1 738,80 € incl. tax
  • A passive 3D processor converter with a precision geometric alignment and zero latency between L/R to offer the best 3D experience. Stacking Video wall Geometry Flip 3D

    2 154,60 € incl. tax
  • A professional image processor for image switching, format conversion, geometric correction, 3D decoding, image rotation, flipping, cropping and display in PIP/POP. Warping Video wall Picture in picture - Side by side Flip Stacking Geometry 3D

    1 317,60 € incl. tax
  • A processor designed for edge blending, warping (image distortion), video wall, passive 3D :Warping Blending Video wall Unlimited chaining Flip Geometry 3D

    3 594,00 € incl. tax
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