Live a new experience with the virtual reality headset

Discover the immersive experience of virtual reality with these new virtual reality headsets, integrating motion sensors in a three-dimensionally digitally constructed universe. Long time reserved for the military and then the automotive industry, virtual reality is being democratized to the general public. This is why you can now find various models of these VR helmets on the market, which can meet your personal and professional needs. Beyond the helmet models, we also offer to equip you with our collection of VR accessories.
  • HTC Vive wireless controller for interacting in your virtual world with :24 built-in sensors Multi-function trackpad HD touch feedback Rechargeable battery Delivered with : Micro-USB cable, adapter and strap

    217,95 € incl. tax
  • Interact in an immersive and interactive world built with 6 DOF tracking that we call "world-scale tracking" with a high-resolution 3K AMOLED display, allowing close-ups, an overall plan and intuitive movements.3K AMOLED resolution 2880 x 1600 World-Scale Tracking (6 DOF) Refresh rate: 75Hz Field of view: 110 ° Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

    860,00 € incl. tax
  • GOVR case for your HTC Vive PRO headset to carry, protect and increase the usability of your HTC Vive PRO headset on the go.Integration of the following equipment in a suitcase *:*Suitcase sold alone     HTC Vive PRO Headset      (x2) wireless controllers      (x2) Base Lighthouse [1.0] & [2.0]      Linkbox [Live] & [Vive Pro]      (x2) ball head...

    599,20 € incl. tax
  • The advantages of this protection    Compatible with HTC Vive headset and controllers     Protects against scratches and shocks that can occur during daily use     Precision cut that does not clog sensors for optimal tracking performance     Several colors available including black

    29,95 € incl. tax
  • Oculus Go is a virtual reality headset that allows you to move freely and experience an immersive and unforgettable experience. You will not be embarrassed because the Oculus Go has no cable which makes the experience enjoyable. 1 Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset 1 Wireless controller 1 USB cable 1 Strap 1 "Glasses" facial interface 1 Microfiber wipe

    219,00 € incl. tax
  • With virtual reality and the new HTC Vive Pro headset, experience a more engaging experience now with improved ergonomics and better performance.Vive Pro Full Kit : VIVE Pro headset Linkbox 2 Base stations V2.0 2 controllers (2018) DisplayPort cable - USB 3.0 - AC Adapter - User guide Vive Enterprise Advantage :Commercial use Exclusive service for your...

    1 619,90 € incl. tax
  • Carrying case with pre-cut foams for new Windows Mixed Reality headsets (Acer, Lenovo and HP). For the most mobile of you, the GOVR (S) case secures your equipment while being compact.     Headsets: Windows Mixed Reality (Acer AH 101, HP VR1000, Lenovo Explorer)      (x2) wireless controllers      cables

    195,00 € incl. tax
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  • The PU leather replacement foam for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will perfectly fit the shape of your face. More comfortable than the original foam, the 6mm thick will increase your field of vision.     Easy to clean (antiseptic wipe)      Enhanced FOV (field of vision)      Compatible with HTC Vive headset

    22,40 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with an easy-to-clean, faux leather foam. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your headset with other users (events, living rooms, arcade).     Compatible with Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Acer Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with an easy-to-clean, faux leather foam. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your headset with other users (events, living rooms, arcade).     Compatible with Acer Mixed Reality Headset (AH101)

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Optimize your HTC Vive Deluxe Headphones with the foamable replacement foam that does not absorb sweat. Easy and convenient to clean with a blow of disinfectant wipe.

    28,90 € 24,94 € incl. tax
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  • Replace the original foam of your VR Reality Mixed Reality VR Headset with an easy to clean faux leather cover. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your helmet with colleagues or in an event / salon.     Compatible with HP VR 1000 Mixed Reality Headset

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Transport case with pre-cut foams for your VR Oculus Rift helmet. This secure hand bag protects and protects your virtual reality equipment including compartments to store :     Oculus Rift Headset      (x3) Oculus sensor      (x2) Oculus Touch Controllers      HDMI, USB cables, Power.      Free compartment

    267,00 € incl. tax
  • Our charlotte clip non-woven textile to protect head-hair when wearing a virtual reality headset. Very light, comfortable to wear, black to minimize the "medical" design.     One size with elastic      Black color

    9,00 € incl. tax
  • Protect your Oculus Touch Controllers against scratches and scratches due to overuse or immersion with the Hyperkin silicone protective case.     Pack for 2 controllers      Precise cutting without obstructing the sensors

    24,90 € incl. tax
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  • Carry case to store your Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, accessories (oculus sensor, Oculus Touch), laptop storage up to 17 inches and tripod clips. Compact and lightweight on business trips, install your room scale in minutes.Integration of the following equipment in a suitcase *:     Oculus Rift Helmet      (x3) Oculus sensor      (x2) Oculus Touch...

    599,20 € incl. tax
  • HTC Vive wireless controller to interact in your virtual world including:     24 integrated sensors      Multi-function trackpad      Touch-haptic interface      Rechargeable batteryDelivered with: Micro-USB power adapter and charging cable

    144,98 € incl. tax
  • Enhance your VR experience with integrated sound through the Premium Audio Headset and be immersed in your virtual reality universe.     Integrated Earphones      Adjustment of height - angle      Lighter and less cumbersome cables for the user

    119,99 € incl. tax
  • Peripheral to track the movements of any object or surface. With the Vive Tracker, you can finally track the actual movements of whatever you want.Compatibility with HTC Vive Tracker (2017) - HTC Vive - HTC Vive Pro Unlimited tracking capabilities Tracking movement of body, objects, animals ... Imagine what you want Included : Tracker, micro-USB cable, AC...

    119,99 € incl. tax
  • All-in-one carrying case with pre-cut foams for HTC Vive virtual reality headphones, storage for notebooks up to 17 "and tripod attachments. Compact and lightweight business travel, install your room scale in minutes.Integration of the following equipment into a suitcase* :*Selling of the suitcase onlyHTC Vive headset with audio set (x2) wireless...

    599,20 € incl. tax
  • Transport case with pre-cut foams for the HTC Vive VR headset model. For the most mobile among you, the GOVR (S) case secures your equipment while being compact.HTC Vive headset (Without the audio deluxe headstrap) (x2) wireless controllers (x2) Base stations Linkbox HDMI, USB, mains cable

    195,00 € incl. tax
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  • The upper part of the bag is designed to receive your virtual reality headset and a laptop up to 17.3 "and has many easily accessible zippered pockets.For transporting 2 tripods, the external attachment solution is present.Special compartment for tracking cameras, virtual reality headset (HTC Vive without audio deluxe headstrap , Oculus Rift, PSVR)...

    152,80 € incl. tax
  • A comfortable and compact backpack that is perfect for carrying your virtual reality headset for business trips or everyday life. The removable padded compartment at the bottom of the bag is specially protective, allowing you to safely store your HTC Vive Lighthouse base stations, wireless controllers and other accessories (Linkbox, connecting cables...

    89,90 € incl. tax
  • The memory foam replacement for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will fit perfectly the shape of your face. The 14mm of thickness respect the dimensions of the original foam. Easy to clean (antisceptic wipe) Perfect for demoing/exhibitions HTC Vive compatible

    22,40 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Protective cover for your Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Made from stretchy and soft fabric, it gives you extra comfort in VR session. The cover is lightweight and fits like a second skin to the foam of the headset.Oculus Rift headset compatible

    14,90 € 12,95 € incl. tax
  • The protective headset Playstation VR Cover is the perfect hygienic solution for PSVR. The soft velvet fabric is pleasant in contact with the skin providing extra comfort during your VR sessions. The cover absorbs sweat, is easily cleaned by hand or in a washing machine.Compatible with PSVR headphones

    12,50 € 8,75 € incl. tax
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  • Replace the original foam of your Samsung Gear VR with a new waterproof imitation leather. Designed to be cleaned in 1 blow of antibacterial wipe between each passage of the helmet to a new user. The replacement foam is durable use after use. It's the protective accessory you need to share your virtual reality experience.Durable replacement foam...

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Be protected outside and in the virtual world with the second silicone skin for your Playstation Move controllers.Pack for 2 joysticks (1 pair) Compatible with Playstation Move Fall and scratch protection

    19,90 € 9,95 € incl. tax
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  • Disposable mask compatible with all virtual reality headsets on the market. Don't worry anymore about hygiene, sweat and bacteria that can be transmitted. This Batman-shaped version of the mask will make the immersive experience 100% clean and playful. Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and comfortable Compatible with all VR headsets on the...

    0,64 € incl. tax
  • All-in-One Virtual Reality headset running in stand-alone embarking a mini-PC with all necessary connectivity : Wifi - Bluetooth - USB - Micro USB.Without Smartphone & PC ! Wireless Autonomy : 2 hours Memory up to 128 GB Android Appstore : Google Play Wifi - Bluetooth connection HD 1080pFor professionals : Use in demo or in exhibition is perfect...

    399,80 € 279,86 € incl. tax
  • The Oculus Rift was the first headset developed and has experienced many prototype version. The VR headset is now positionned in high-end product with HTC Vive.1 Oculus Rift VR headset 2 Sensors Oculus Touch controllers 1 Remote control 1 Xbox one wireless Connection cables

    599,90 € incl. tax
  • We named "SuperMask" this disposable cover compatible with all VR helmets on the market. You no longer will worry about lending you VR headset to another person or even a stranger. This cover / mask is perfect for intensive and successive use.SuperMask is suitable for use in exhibition and demonstration. Packaged in box (50 masks per box) Disposable...

    21,60 € incl. tax
  • The HTC Vive VR Cover allows you to keep your headset clean. With 2 layers 100% cotton and a snug fit around the headset foam. Enjoy your HTC Vive headset for test sessions, demonstrations, exhibitions and get the most hygienic immersive experience !

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  • Experiment the Virtual Reality with the best headset on the market, the HTC Vive. Developped by Valve and HTC, this gear combines performance and comfort for the best immersive experience.1 HTC Vive headset 2 wireless controllers 2 tracking stations 2 wall mount kits 1 link box Connection cables HDMI - USB - Power

    699,99 € incl. tax
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Our selection of virtual reality headset

oculus rift casque réalité virtuelle

Oculus Rift

With the Oculus Rift, discover new video game experiences. This virtual reality headset is one of the pioneers in gaming and multimedia content. Combine the full power of the Oculus Rift with its two touch controllers and two sensors for an interactive experience at home with easy setup.

htc vive casque réalité virtuelle

HTC Vive

Result of the partnership between HTC and Valve, the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) headset plunges you into a new virtual world. You do not sit in front of your PC, you jump, avoid obstacles, you crouch like... in reality. With the Vive, anything is possible!