Our 3D screens and monitors adapted to virtual reality content

Enjoy a selection of 3D monitors and screens that will satisfy all your needs from the simplest to the most functional with features like 3D, G-Sync or FreeSync to enhance image latency in applications or video games. That's why we only choose quality PC screens that combine ergonomics, image quality and responsiveness.
So how can you find your ideal 3D monitor and screen ? What type of screen, which resolution (HD, 4K), which additional functionalities and which VR accessories (adjustable foot, screen rotation) should you choose ? Consult us, we will guide you in the choice of your display equipment.

Our partner iiyama is specialized in the manufacturing of monitors and 3D screen. That's why we offer an affordable domestic range (PROLITE) and series for gaming (RED EAGLE) and the ultimate choice (GOLD PHOENIX). Reliability, ergonomics and performance are ensured by all our references.
Our customers : Industry - companies - gamers - demanding individuals.
Iiyama also offer 3D screens and touchscreen (see category "flat screens") for a fluid tactile interactive experience.