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Discover our image processing solutions with processors and converters. Image overlay using an Edge Blending processor, image distortion to adapt your display to the atypical environment, curve and multi-image projection. The range of products we offer allows us to exceed the limits of imagination at a very affordable price.
With our processors, simply configure your installation in superimposed, curved, stacked projection using the native functions of Edge Blending, Warping, Stacking.
  • The IDW-103 is a new generation controller and brings the creation of video wall to a new level ! The video wall controller IDW-103 is the first hardware solution that can create any type of display Video wall Picture in picture - Side by side Flip Presets Unlimited chaining

    1 738,80 € incl. tax
  • A passive 3D processor converter with a precision geometric alignment and zero latency between L/R to offer the best 3D experience. Stacking Video wall Geometry Flip 3D

    2 154,60 € incl. tax
  • A processor designed for edge blending, warping (image distortion), video wall, passive 3D :Warping Blending Video wall Unlimited chaining Flip Geometry 3D

    3 594,00 € incl. tax
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Our brands: Blackmagic Design, Brand own
Your projects: Dynamic display solution thanks to our image cutting processor (rotation in all directions), chained to infinity (up to 100 screens). Large-screen projection with image overlay using our Edge Blending processor.
With ultra-competitive processing solutions, you can afford to exceed your limits without constraint