A video capture card for easy image processing

Connect your devices to each other in every formats (SD, HD or even Ultra HD 4K). You can connect as many devices as you want, the number is unlimited. Then, you can switch between SDI and HDMI, send a stream of content over long distances via optic fiber, isolate an audio signal and many other possibilities ...
For whom: Broadcast professionals (Video laboratory, Post-production, Broadcasters), industrials, communication agencies ...
BlackMagic Design and its converters (Mini, Micro converters all formats SD, HD, 4K, Analog, fiber optic, audio). We select the best products and video acquisition cards on the market.

BlackMagic has become a leader in the professional audiovisual landscape by proposing high-performance and cheap products including video capture cards.
Allow multiple conversions to connect your devices without problems
Our brands: BlackMagic Design, Aja, Grass Valley.