Passive technology from glasses to polarizer

Our range of products in 3D passive technology with glasses and polarizer.
The passive 3D glasses are lighter and more comfortable because they do not own eletronic to active glasses. The acquisition cost is therefore more affordable and less dependent on the viewing position. In addition, you can transform active 3D into passive 3D using polarizers (Volfoni SmartCrystal range).
  • Polarizer to convert active 3D projection into passive 3D.Only one 3D projector is required Bright and clear images with the "Surface Switching" technology Easy installation and easy to use on all type of 3D DLP-Link projectors SmartCrystal technology, approved by the Walt Disney Film Studios Wired synchronization on standard output VESA-DIN3

    1 049,00 € excl. tax
  • Independent polarizer for double projection and large screen.Compatible with DCI projectors Works with projector lamps up to 7 kW Integrated cooling system Hollywood quality Developed and optimized for HFR content European design and engineering

    1 301,00 € excl. tax
  • Passive 3D polarizer with DLP and tri-DLP projectors.Only one 3D projector is required Bright and clear images with the "PiCell" technology Temperature sensor and automatic adjustment of the fan speed Remote access via NOC - WIFI Integrated graphic display

    3 896,00 € excl. tax
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