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3D motion capture or motion capture is a technology used to record body movements or objects' movements through sensors located on the areas to be captured. Used today in many sectors : military, cinema, health, sports and entertainment. 3D motion capture begins to be democratized for the mainstream especially thanks to virtual reality.
Optical tracking cameras, such as the vicon camera, scan a certain volume and detect the marker lights (Target), they will then identify and calculate the position of each marker accurately.
How does this man-machine interaction work? The user is equipped with sensors for spatial location in real time, this is called tracking. All this pieces of information are then analyzed thanks to the performance of a computer, its answer time is counted in milliseconds, so the user can interact directly with the virtual environment of the machine and vice versa.
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We offer various brands dedicated to 3D motion capture such as: Vicon - ART - OptiTrack
Your projects: Virtual reality application (high-precision calculation to locate markers and interaction devices), Stability, Low latency to simulate motion in almost real-time and reduce the sensation of motion sickness (equivalent to motion sickness)
Enhanced reality project: Melt digital content in the real world.
Motion Capture for a very complete and accurate 3D motion capture of a user equipped with sensors (Target).
Many other applications are possible, we propose to appraise your project in order to advise you.