Interactive motor interfaces

In order to allow interaction and reproduce as realistictly as possible all the natural movements of a user, peripherals interaction or motor interface are exploited such as gloves, joysticks and sensors that are positioned on the body or on objects.
Many actions are then possible to act and interact in the virtual environment like the simple act of walking, catching, dropping and even throwing an object. In addition, there are devices with force feedback and physical sensations. These are called haptic interfaces that faithfully reproduce tactile sensations (sense of touch).
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The Fingertracking of the German manufacturer ART allows to reproduce with an extreme precision the action of the hand and the fingers (without wire).
These motor interfaces will see a growing development in the face of the virtual reality market
Our best-selling products: FingerTracking, Flystick 2
Our brands: Vicon, ART, Haption
Your projects: Many industries use virtual reality as in surgical simulation, training, disease treatment, industrial assembly, molecular manipulation, naval simulation, animated character animation, and many other applications.