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Immersive Display offers a selection of protective accessories for your virtual reality equipment. Protecting your devices and interaction controllers is crucial, for that reason we offer shells that protect your HTC Vive joysticks and improve the grip during a VR session. For your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive head-mounted display we recommend washable cotton or faux leather cover to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs between users. If you are mobile and often carry with you the equipment, the case specifically designed to organize, store and protect your helmet, controllers, cameras and cables is made for you.
To protect sensory-motor applications such as CAVEs or L-shaped display, we offer oversized slippers adapted to protect and leave no traces on the ground screen.

  • Enhance your Oculus Go experiences with our custom interface and the faux leather replacement foam. The facial interface allows you to easily attach and remove the foam (velcro) allowing you to customize face adjustment and cleaning.Vegan leather material (Vegan) Cleanable with antibacterial wipes. Oculus Go compatible

    36,95 € incl. tax
  • Protective pack for your HTC Vive Pro PRO controllers and headphones :Improved grip and soft touch Cutouts adapted to buttons, sensors, connectors Light, flexible and easy to install Absorbs shock, anti-scratch and anti-slip

    34,95 € incl. tax
  • Keep your HTC Vive Pro headset clean with its 10mm thick PU Leather replacement foam protection designed specifically for this Pro edition:Helps clean the VR device between uses with antibacterial wipes Model 10mm version for more comfort and less pressure on the face Compatible HTC Vive PRO

    14,95 € incl. tax
  • Change the original foam of your HTC Vive Pro headset for a new 12mm PU leather for effective cleaning and comfort of use :Maximize comfort (soft and 12mm thickness) Dry cleaning with a non-alcoholic wipe Designed for HTC Vive PRO only

    11,95 € incl. tax
  • Pair of Oculus Touch joysticks for Rift (Right hand + Left hand)New product delivered without original box - Oculus sensor not including For a more realistic VR experience, natural gestures and finger movements will create the illusion of presence with your own hands. The Constellation Tracking System allows you to manipulate objects in the virtual...

    89,00 € 80,10 € incl. tax
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  • New HTC Vive Pro headset accessory offering a similar experience in intra-headset visibility (Field of View). The synthetic leather outer material allows you to keep a clean helmet regardless of the number of users who share it. Just clean it with antibacterial wipes between each session.Compatibility : HTC Vive Pro Easy to clean Perfect for public...

    22,40 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • The advantages of this protection    Compatible with HTC Vive headset and controllers     Protects against scratches and shocks that can occur during daily use     Precision cut that does not clog sensors for optimal tracking performance     Several colors available including black

    29,95 € incl. tax
  • Replacement headband for the VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Replace the worn and worn original strap with a new standard headband to ensure optimum comfort.

    24,95 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Oculus Rift headphones with a new facial interface featuring Velcro clipping easily and a leatherette foam for quick cleaning. Improve hygiene as well as comfort when wearing the virtual reality headset.     Compatible with the Oculus Rift helmet.      x1 Replacement facial interface      x1 Leather foam

    44,90 € 35,92 € incl. tax
  • The PU leather replacement foam for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will perfectly fit the shape of your face. More comfortable than the original foam, the 6mm thick will increase your field of vision.     Easy to clean (antiseptic wipe)      Enhanced FOV (field of vision)      Compatible with HTC Vive headset

    22,40 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with an easy-to-clean, faux leather foam. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your headset with other users (events, living rooms, arcade).     Compatible with Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Acer Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with an easy-to-clean, faux leather foam. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your headset with other users (events, living rooms, arcade).     Compatible with Acer Mixed Reality Headset (AH101)

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Optimize your HTC Vive Deluxe Headphones with the foamable replacement foam that does not absorb sweat. Easy and convenient to clean with a blow of disinfectant wipe.

    28,90 € 24,94 € incl. tax
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  • Replace the original foam of your VR Reality Mixed Reality VR Headset with an easy to clean faux leather cover. Designed to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes to share your helmet with colleagues or in an event / salon.     Compatible with HP VR 1000 Mixed Reality Headset

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Our charlotte clip non-woven textile to protect head-hair when wearing a virtual reality headset. Very light, comfortable to wear, black to minimize the "medical" design.     One size with elastic      Black color

    9,00 € incl. tax
  • Protect your Oculus Touch Controllers against scratches and scratches due to overuse or immersion with the Hyperkin silicone protective case.     Pack for 2 controllers      Precise cutting without obstructing the sensors

    24,90 € incl. tax
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  • The memory foam replacement for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will fit perfectly the shape of your face. The 14mm of thickness respect the dimensions of the original foam. Easy to clean (antisceptic wipe) Perfect for demoing/exhibitions HTC Vive compatible

    22,40 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Protective cover for your Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Made from stretchy and soft fabric, it gives you extra comfort in VR session. The cover is lightweight and fits like a second skin to the foam of the headset.Oculus Rift headset compatible

    14,90 € 12,95 € incl. tax
  • The protective headset Playstation VR Cover is the perfect hygienic solution for PSVR. The soft velvet fabric is pleasant in contact with the skin providing extra comfort during your VR sessions. The cover absorbs sweat, is easily cleaned by hand or in a washing machine.Compatible with PSVR headphones

    12,50 € 8,75 € incl. tax
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  • Replace the original foam of your Samsung Gear VR with a new waterproof imitation leather. Designed to be cleaned in 1 blow of antibacterial wipe between each passage of the helmet to a new user. The replacement foam is durable use after use. It's the protective accessory you need to share your virtual reality experience.Durable replacement foam...

    21,90 € 18,95 € incl. tax
  • Be protected outside and in the virtual world with the second silicone skin for your Playstation Move controllers.Pack for 2 joysticks (1 pair) Compatible with Playstation Move Fall and scratch protection

    19,90 € 9,95 € incl. tax
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  • Disposable mask compatible with all virtual reality headsets on the market. Don't worry anymore about hygiene, sweat and bacteria that can be transmitted. This Batman-shaped version of the mask will make the immersive experience 100% clean and playful. Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and comfortable Compatible with all VR headsets on the...

    0,64 € incl. tax
  • We named "SuperMask" this disposable cover compatible with all VR helmets on the market. You no longer will worry about lending you VR headset to another person or even a stranger. This cover / mask is perfect for intensive and successive use.SuperMask is suitable for use in exhibition and demonstration. Packaged in box (50 masks per box) Disposable...

    21,60 € incl. tax
  • The HTC Vive VR Cover allows you to keep your headset clean. With 2 layers 100% cotton and a snug fit around the headset foam. Enjoy your HTC Vive headset for test sessions, demonstrations, exhibitions and get the most hygienic immersive experience !

    14,90 € 12,95 € incl. tax
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  • Slippers of high quality felt with thick sole. Perfect for protecting sensitive and ideal ground for CAVEs in the field of Virtual Reality. These shoes can be worn with "outside shoes." Sole Length: 33 cm in size 50

    66,00 € incl. tax
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Your needs: During a traid fair you want to offer your visitors or customers the opportunity to test a VR application using a visiocasque, so opt for disposable protections "SuperMask".
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