Dress up your headset with a protective cover

Improve your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with protective accessories such as disposable covers, protective cases, cover ...
For showcase and demonstrations, opt for VR accessories to enhance the user experience and protect your latest technological jewelry.
Indeed, a headset of virtual reality is subject to many manipulations. Therefore, it is essential to keep the video headset in good condition especially for the arcades or public area and entertainment. A faulty device could project a bad image to the customer.
  • The memory foam replacement for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will fit perfectly the shape of your face. The 14mm of thickness respect the dimensions of the original foam. Easy to clean (antisceptic wipe) Perfect for demoing/exhibitions HTC Vive compatible

    22,40 € incl. tax
  • Protective cover for your Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Made from stretchy and soft fabric, it gives you extra comfort in VR session. The cover is lightweight and fits like a second skin to the foam of the headset.Oculus Rift headset compatible

    14,90 € incl. tax
  • The protective headset Playstation VR Cover is the perfect hygienic solution for PSVR. The soft velvet fabric is pleasant in contact with the skin providing extra comfort during your VR sessions. The cover absorbs sweat, is easily cleaned by hand or in a washing machine.Compatible with PSVR headphones

    13,90 € 11,12 € incl. tax
  • Replace the original foam of your Samsung Gear VR with a new waterproof imitation leather. Designed to be cleaned in 1 blow of antibacterial wipe between each passage of the helmet to a new user. The replacement foam is durable use after use. It's the protective accessory you need to share your virtual reality experience.Durable replacement foam...

    21,90 € incl. tax
  • Disposable mask compatible with all virtual reality headsets on the market. Don't worry anymore about hygiene, sweat and bacteria that can be transmitted. This Batman-shaped version of the mask will make the immersive experience 100% clean and playful. Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and comfortable Compatible with all VR headsets on the...

    0,64 € incl. tax
  • The HTC Vive VR Cover in leather is a good way to have a clean headset. Made of imitation leather, it is waterproof and quick to clean, this VR Cover is perfect for demonstrations with many users, between each passage, a wipe and you can dive again in immersion !

    22,40 € incl. tax
  • Protect your HTC Vive virtual reality headset from drops and scratches. The shell protects without interfering with the sensors for optimum tracking performance. 4 colors

    19,90 € incl. tax
  • We named "SuperMask" this disposable cover compatible with all VR helmets on the market. You no longer will worry about lending you VR headset to another person or even a stranger. This cover / mask is perfect for intensive and successive use.SuperMask is suitable for use in exhibition and demonstration. Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and...

    0,43 € incl. tax
  • The HTC Vive VR Cover allows you to keep your headset clean. With 2 layers 100% cotton and a snug fit around the headset foam. Enjoy your HTC Vive headset for test sessions, demonstrations, exhibitions and get the most hygienic immersive experience !

    14,90 € incl. tax
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