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Protective shell for your VR controllers

Discover accessories specially designed for your controllers or virtual reality joysticks such as protective shells that enhance grip, durability and user experience. If you want to ensure optimal comfort, opt for VR accessories.

  • Pair of Oculus Touch joysticks for Rift (Right hand + Left hand)New product delivered without original box - Oculus sensor not including For a more realistic VR experience, natural gestures and finger movements will create the illusion of presence with your own hands. The Constellation Tracking System allows you to manipulate objects in the virtual...

    89,00 € 71,20 € incl. tax
  • Protect your Oculus Touch Controllers against scratches and scratches due to overuse or immersion with the Hyperkin silicone protective case.     Pack for 2 controllers      Precise cutting without obstructing the sensors

    24,90 € incl. tax
  • Be protected outside and in the virtual world with the second silicone skin for your Playstation Move controllers.Pack for 2 joysticks (1 pair) Compatible with Playstation Move Fall and scratch protection

    19,90 € 9,95 € incl. tax
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