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Install your VR Roomscale zone with ease

Discover our complete range of mounting brackets for your virtual reality equipment. Indeed, the installation of a VR zone requires to locate and calibrate your base stations in order to allow a precise movement tracking without interruption. likewise, if you are on a business trip and need to deploy your VR space in a matter of minutes, then choose lightweight mobile tripods to fix your cameras / stations. You will find a selection of tripods, legs, magic arms, ball joints, fixing clamps that have been tested for a perfect compatibility and practicality with your equipment (Headset HTC, PSVR, Oculus or others ...).
  • A design for charging and storing your HTC Vive or Vive Pro VR headset with the wireless adapter :2-in-1 design: Charging station for charging and charging your HTC Vive or VIVE PRO headphones with two controllers Supports Firmware Update : The right USB port allows you to update the firmware of your controller Charging with magnetic charge port

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  • Attach your VIVE Tracker to your hands while keeping your palm and finger movements completely free with the thumb opening.HTC Vive Tracker not includedPositioning the device on the back of the hand instead of the wrist makes it possible to follow movements, the rotations of the hands more precisely (Ideal use in MOCAP) Silicone surface around the...

    19,95 € incl. tax
  • Designed for all models of virtual reality headsets, the support allows you to safely install and store your equipment. Its clean look and the stability of the base are undeniable assets.Universal Compatibility (HTC Vive & Pro, Oculus Rift & Go, PSVR, HTC Vive Focus, Daydream, Samsung VR Gear, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Quest ...) Stability: A...

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  • Designed specifically for the VR Oculus Go headset, the stand allows you to securely place and store your gear including the headset and its controller. Its stylish look and resistant material are assets that perfectly match the design of your standalone headset.Compatibility: Oculus Go. Charging station: Built-in magnetic charging function. Stability: A...

    42,95 € incl. tax
  • Designed specifically for HTC Vive & Vive Pro headsets, the stand allows you to securely place and store your gear including headset and controllers. Its stylish look and its resistant material are assets that perfectly adapt to the design of your Vive headset.Compatibility: HTC Vive & Vive Pro (also fits on most virtual reality headsets)...

    39,95 € incl. tax
  • Attach your VIVE Tracker to your head, thigh or other big-sized places for the original Govark Strap. HTC Vive Tracker not includedContent : 1 x Govark ™ Strap [Original] + 1 x Head-Thighs extension Having a Govark Strap on the head can give wireless freedom of movement and an outside worldview (without the VR headset) for motion capture for example....

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  • Attach your VIVE Tracker to your waistband mode. HTC Vive Tracker not includedContent : 1 x Govark ™ Strap [Original] + 1 x Belt extension Very comfortable without plastic part (velcro scratch) slightly elastic Height adjustable up to 107cm (for all sizes child and adult) Originally designed to attach to the waist level as a belt to materialize the center...

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  • Designed specifically for station bases, virtual reality cameras, the Govark ball head with its 1/4 "thread is compatible with all types of cameras (HTC Vive Lighthouse [1.0] and [2.0], Oculus sensor, ...)VR Special Robust and stable No screw 1/4 " Portable and flexible

    12,90 € incl. tax
  • The ultimate accessory to attach your HTC Vive Tracker to anything, whether on objects or on your arm or foot for complete body tracking. HTC Vive Tracker not included     Very comfortable      Shock-resistant and absorbs impact vibrations      Originally designed to fit feet, shoes but also fits on many objects / accessories for infinite motion tracking...

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  • Mini tripod for base stations / cameras with easy-to-carry movements, guaranteed stability. Configure and calibrate your VR area quickly and easily with flexibility.Perfect for travel (portable) Position locking Stability Universal screw thread 1/4"

    25,90 € incl. tax
  • Conveniently designed to attach and adjust with great accuracy a projector. Micrometer handles = precise movements Extreme reliability Bubble level

    265,20 € incl. tax
  • 3D Junior head for medium-size cameras and accessories. Freedom of movement 360 ° rotation Robust

    52,80 € incl. tax
  • Tripod can support a maximum of 9 kg load with high stability, installation and rapid disassembly. Ideal for quick installation of your tracking - 360° cameras or lighting Compatible with Lighthouse sensor from HTC Vive Portable and compact Height: 366 cm max

    140,40 € incl. tax
  • Lightweight compact tripod with a load capacity of 1.50 kg Maximum, rapid installation and dismantling : Ideal for quick installation of your Lighthouse HTC Vive sensors Lightweight and robust Mobility Height: 190 cm max

    66,00 € incl. tax
  • The ideal accessory to fix and tune your tracking cameras (ART - Vicon - OptiTrack) or your 360° camera. Polyvalent Convenient Max load up to 2 kg

    46,80 € incl. tax
  • Compact lightweight tripod with a load capacity of 5 kg. Foot-fold for convenient transportation and the compressed air damping system reinforces the mounting. Ideal for quick installation of your tracking cameras Compatible with Lighthouse camera from HTC Vive Lightweight and robust Mobility Height : 237 cm max

    100,80 € incl. tax
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Our best-seller: A ball-and-socket clamp for your base station full compatibility from the manufacturer Hyperkin (Fixing clamp with ball joint) to secure your motion tracking system safely on any surface with multi-directional ball-and-socket joint.
Our objectives: Stability, speed, simplicity, robustness.
Our partners: Hyperkin, Manfrotto.
Your projects: Fixed or mobile installation. VR arcade project or entertainment area for the mainstream.