Install your VR area zone with ease

Discover our complete range of mounting brackets for your virtual reality equipment. Indeed, the installation of a VR zone requires to locate and calibrate your base stations in order to allow a precise movement tracking without interruption. likewise, if you are on a business trip and need to deploy your VR space in a matter of minutes, then choose lightweight mobile tripods to fix your cameras / stations. You will find a selection of tripods, legs, magic arms, ball joints, fixing clamps that have been tested for a perfect compatibility and practicality with your equipment (Headset HTC, PSVR, Oculus or others ...).
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Our best-seller: A ball-and-socket clamp for your base station full compatibility from the manufacturer Hyperkin (Fixing clamp with ball joint) to secure your motion tracking system safely on any surface with multi-directional ball-and-socket joint.
Our objectives: Stability, speed, simplicity, robustness.
Our partners: Hyperkin, Manfrotto.
Your projects: Fixed or mobile installation. VR arcade project or entertainment area for the mainstream.