A full range of leg and tripod

Selection of legs, tripods and mounting brackets. Attach and install your VR experience area as you wish. In mobile installation, deploy and calibrate your basic cameras very quickly and ensure optimal motion tracking.

  • Mini tripod for base stations / cameras with easy-to-carry movements, guaranteed stability. Configure and calibrate your VR area quickly and easily with flexibility.Perfect for travel (portable) Position locking Stability Universal screw thread 1/4"

    25,90 € incl. tax
  • Tripod can support a maximum of 9 kg load with high stability, installation and rapid disassembly. Ideal for quick installation of your tracking - 360° cameras or lighting Compatible with Lighthouse sensor from HTC Vive Portable and compact Height: 366 cm max

    140,40 € incl. tax
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  • Lightweight compact tripod with a load capacity of 1.50 kg Maximum, rapid installation and dismantling : Ideal for quick installation of your Lighthouse HTC Vive sensors Lightweight and robust Mobility Height: 190 cm max

    66,00 € incl. tax
  • Compact lightweight tripod with a load capacity of 5 kg. Foot-fold for convenient transportation and the compressed air damping system reinforces the mounting. Ideal for quick installation of your tracking cameras Compatible with Lighthouse camera from HTC Vive Lightweight and robust Mobility Height : 237 cm max

    100,80 € incl. tax
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