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Our selection of 3D glasses from Volfoni manufacturer of both active and passive technologies. With active 3D technology (EDGE RF - EDGE 1.2) the images are sequentially encoded to each eye, in other words, the left eye sees an image and then the right eye sees another and so on . To create the 3D effect, the brain associates the 2 images of each eye to form only one. Active 3D glasses carry electronics (built-in shutter) and a battery or battery power supply. The passive 3D glasses are polarized and the screen shows a double screened image. Each eye then receives a half-image dividing the horizontal definition by two.
  • The EDGE 1.2 glasses are active in infrared synchronization and allow to visualize 3D images of a projection DLP, 3-DLP, DCI, DILA, or a Plasma, DLP, 3DTV. The rubber nose support proves to be very comfortable for the user.

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  • Rechargeable radio frequency (RF) active 3D glasses including for each glasse.Arms set (S, M & L) USB cable and User manual

    57,42 € excl. tax
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  • These are the world's most effective glasses for its intense colorimetry, improved contrast (> 940: 1) and high residual light (18.6%).Radio frequency technology for better IR headtracking performance Follow-up of head movement "head tracker" Universal IR mode 3 programmable switchComes in an individual box including: 1 pair of EDGE VR...

    245,79 € excl. tax
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You will use your 3D video glasses to view 3D content on a TV, monitor or projection.
There are 3 types of synchronization between your 3D video glasses and the diffuser of your 3D content. Infrared (IR), radio-frequency (RF) and DLP Link synchronization. Our team is at your disposal to help you choose the right equipment or accessories, depending on your existing equipment and the environment.
3D video glasses can respond to any type of project such as Virtual Reality, entertainment, video games, training or visualization.