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The HTC Vive is the result of a partnership between HTC, the Taiwanese phone maker and Valve, the American video game creation studio. This virtual reality helmet is one of the best in the market in terms of performance surpassing the Oculus Rift. The collaboration between HTC and Valve aims to combine both the hardware and the content.
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  • Connection kit for VR Backpack with short cable (66 cm) :Linkbox (Vive Pro) + All-in-One cable (66 cm) HTC Vive Pro Combi-Pack Extension Kit

    91,66 € excl. tax
  • The HTC Vive 2.0 base station gives you even more immersive immersion in virtual reality while using the HTC Vive Pro headset and associated controllers :Each base station is independent Up to 4 base stations in the same room (10m x 10m) Compatibility with: VIVE Pro Headset - VIVE Controller (2018) - Vive Tracker (2018)

    174,99 € excl. tax
  • Link box between your HTC VIVE Pro headset and your computer.Version : Always-on.In : MiniDP - USB - Power Out : All-in-One VIVE Pro Cable

    49,99 € excl. tax
  • The VIVE Pro EYE features precision eye tracking technology to enhance your virtual reality simulations:Monitoring and analysis of eye movements and attention Simplified controls and navigation Foveal rendering Greater virtual interaction + Enterprise Advantage Pack

    1 558,33 € excl. tax
  • Portable VR headset dedicated to enterprise applications, it has been designed to be deployed very easily without particular constraints (such as the installation of external cameras or computer connection). The new 6DoF controllers project you into complete immersion and the improved graphics provide excellent visual comfort.Standalone: All-in-one...

    830,00 € excl. tax
  • Connect your Vive headset to your PC with this cable designed to connect the HTC Vive Linkbox :Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable PC-Linkbox connection HDMI / USB / Power Length : 1 meter Compatible HTC Vive

    14,16 € excl. tax
  • HTC Vive wireless controller for interacting in your virtual world with :24 built-in sensors Multi-function trackpad HD touch feedback Rechargeable batteryDelivered with : Micro-USB cable, adapter and strap

    181,63 € excl. tax
  • The "DisplayPort" cable for VIVE PRO connects the Linkbox to your computer.Compatible HTC Vive Pro Length: 1 meter Connections: 1x DisplayPort (male) 1x Mini DisplayPort (male)

    16,66 € excl. tax
  • The all-in-one cable for VIVE PRO connects the headset to the Linkbox. The length of the cable is 2 meters and the PVC flexible sheath guarantee optimal freedom of movement.Compatible HTC Vive Pro Length : 2 meters

    58,25 € excl. tax
  • Interact in an immersive and interactive world built with 6 DOF tracking that we call "world-scale tracking" with a high-resolution 3K AMOLED display, allowing close-ups, an overall plan and intuitive movements.3K AMOLED resolution 2880 x 1600 World-Scale Tracking (6 DOF) Refresh rate: 75Hz Field of view: 110 ° Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

    716,67 € excl. tax
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  • This additional charging battery for the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter will be useful when the device's battery runs out. Thus, you will stay longer in your virtual world.Lightweight, stylish and portable design Charge your Wireless Adapter efficiently with Quick Charge 3.0 10050 mAh - 2.5 hours of battery life

    32,46 € excl. tax
  • Your HTC VIVE Pro Wireless Headset? [...] This is possible with this attachment kit designed to attach the wireless adapter specifically for the VIVE Pro.Compatible HTC Vive Pro (requires HTC Vive Wireless Adapter sold separately) Includes: VIVE Pro clip for wireless adapter, foam pad and short cable.

    62,49 € excl. tax
  • The Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive and Vive Pro headset (requires Vive Pro mounting kit) allows you to use your wireless headset with Intel WiGig technology and explore new frontiers while maintaining optimal performance and excellent responsiveness:Compatible HTC Vive Compatible HTC Vive Pro (with Attachment Kit sold separately) Included : 1...

    287,49 € excl. tax
  • Easily connect additional accessories directly to the HTC Vive headset. the 45cm long cable with flexible PVC offers practical use and a pleasant feeling of freedom:Connections:1x USB (male) 1x USB (female) Length: 45cm

    7,49 € excl. tax
  • The 3-in-1 cable connects HDMI, USB and Power from the Linkbox to the Vive headset. It has a length of 5 meters. You can now go back into virtual reality beyond your imagination

    37,49 € excl. tax
  • Replacement headband for the VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Replace the worn and worn original strap with a new standard headband to ensure optimum comfort.

    20,79 € excl. tax
  • With virtual reality and the new HTC Vive Pro headset, experience a more engaging experience now with improved ergonomics and better performance.Vive Pro Full Kit :VIVE Pro headset Linkbox 2 Base stations V2.0 2 controllers (2018) DisplayPort cable - USB 3.0 - AC Adapter - User guideVive Enterprise Advantage :Commercial use Exclusive...

    1 349,92 € excl. tax
  • HTC Vive wireless controller to interact in your virtual world including:     24 integrated sensors      Multi-function trackpad      Touch-haptic interface      Rechargeable batteryDelivered with: Micro-USB power adapter and charging cable

    120,82 € excl. tax
  • Enhance your VR experience with integrated sound through the Premium Audio Headset and be immersed in your virtual reality universe.     Integrated Earphones      Adjustment of height - angle      Lighter and less cumbersome cables for the user

    99,99 € excl. tax
  • Peripheral to track the movements of any object or surface. With the Vive Tracker, you can finally track the actual movements of whatever you want.Compatibility with HTC Vive Tracker (2017) - HTC Vive - HTC Vive Pro Unlimited tracking capabilities Tracking movement of body, objects, animals ... Imagine what you want Included : Tracker, micro-USB...

    99,99 € excl. tax
  • Experiment the Virtual Reality with the best headset on the market, the HTC Vive. Developped by Valve and HTC, this gear combines performance and comfort for the best immersive experience.1 HTC Vive headset 2 wireless controllers 2 tracking stations 2 wall mount kits 1 link box Connection cables HDMI - USB - Power

    583,33 € excl. tax
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