The essential accessories for Vive

We offer a whole range of accessories dedicated to the HTC Vive which are useful and pratical. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness against the sweat-absorbing foam and bacteria of each user, you can use a VR cover or a disposable mask for intensive use in demo and showcase. Use a clamp to fix your lighthouse on a single shelf or any brackets. Waterproof or cotton, for personal or professional use, enjoy the numerous benefits of your HTC Vive accessories.
  • Play VR games without being bothered by the cables lying on the ground :Ceiling mount : Thanks to a ceiling mount, the cables float in the air and are retractable allowing the user to lower, move and stand up without constraints. Retractable and 360 ° rotation : The cable pass rotates 360 ° and is retractable to naturally follow the movements...

    24,96 € excl. tax
  • SuperMask is a universal compatibility disposable protection mask that fits all VR headsets. Protect your face by wearing this accessory before the headset and avoid catching bacteria, germs found on the headsets foam.Batch of 100 masks per box (1 unit = 100 masks) Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and comfortable Compatible with...

    36,00 € excl. tax
  • Connect your Vive headset to your PC with this cable designed to connect the HTC Vive Linkbox :Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable PC-Linkbox connection HDMI / USB / Power Length : 1 meter Compatible HTC Vive

    14,16 € excl. tax
  • Attach your VIVE Tracker to your waistband mode. HTC Vive Tracker not includedVery comfortable without plastic part (velcro scratch) slightly elastic Height adjustable (for all sizes child and adult) Originally designed to attach to the waist level as a belt to materialize the center of your body in virtual reality for an experience closer to the real.

    24,96 € excl. tax
  • Protect your complete Virtual Reality headset and accessories with this fully customizable universal case :Modular : Kit of reinforced mobile partitions Protection : Base with foam and synthetic material offering maximum protection Universal : Configure your suitcase as you want

    124,96 € excl. tax
  • The ultimate accessory to attach your HTC Vive Tracker to anything, whether on objects or on your wrist or foot for complete body tracking. HTC Vive Tracker not included     Very comfortable      Shock-resistant and absorbs impact vibrations      Originally designed to fit feet, shoes but...

    16,63 € excl. tax
  • Protect your complete Virtual Reality headset and accessories with this fully customizable universal case :Modular : Kit of reinforced mobile partitions (2 large partitions + 9 small partitions + 6 straps) Protection : Base with foam and synthetic material offering maximum protection Universal : Configure your suitcase as you want Practical :...

    224,13 € excl. tax
  • A design for charging and storing your HTC Vive or Vive Pro VR headset with the wireless adapter :2-in-1 design: Charging station for charging and charging your HTC Vive or VIVE PRO headphones with two controllers Supports Firmware Update : The right USB port allows you to update the firmware of your controller Charging with magnetic charge port

    45,79 € excl. tax
  • Attach your VIVE Tracker to your hands while keeping your palm and finger movements completely free with the thumb opening.HTC Vive Tracker not includedPositioning the device on the back of the hand instead of the wrist makes it possible to follow movements, the rotations of the hands more precisely (Ideal use in MOCAP) Silicone surface around the...

    16,63 € excl. tax
  • HTC Vive wireless controller for interacting in your virtual world with :24 built-in sensors Multi-function trackpad HD touch feedback Rechargeable batteryDelivered with : Micro-USB cable, adapter and strap

    181,63 € excl. tax
  • Designed for all models of virtual reality headsets, the support allows you to safely install and store your equipment. Its clean look and the stability of the base are undeniable assets.Universal Compatibility (HTC Vive & Pro, Oculus Rift & Go, PSVR, HTC Vive Focus, Daydream, Samsung VR Gear, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Quest ...) Stability: A...

    29,13 € excl. tax
  • Designed specifically for HTC Vive & Vive Pro headsets, the stand allows you to securely place and store your gear including headset and controllers. Its stylish look and its resistant material are assets that perfectly adapt to the design of your Vive headset.Compatibility: HTC Vive & Vive Pro (also fits on most virtual reality headsets) Stability:...

    33,29 € excl. tax
  • This additional charging battery for the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter will be useful when the device's battery runs out. Thus, you will stay longer in your virtual world.Lightweight, stylish and portable design Charge your Wireless Adapter efficiently with Quick Charge 3.0 10050 mAh - 2.5 hours of battery life

    32,46 € excl. tax
  • The Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive and Vive Pro headset (requires Vive Pro mounting kit) allows you to use your wireless headset with Intel WiGig technology and explore new frontiers while maintaining optimal performance and excellent responsiveness:Compatible HTC Vive Compatible HTC Vive Pro (with Attachment Kit sold separately) Included : 1...

    287,49 € excl. tax
  • Protect your device outside the virtual world with this silicone case. This second skin for your VIVE Tracker will protect shocks and scratches without obstructing sensors and connectors :Anti-shock & scratch protection Sensor function and free connectivity Quick & easy installation Improves the "grip"

    8,29 € excl. tax
  • Easily connect additional accessories directly to the HTC Vive headset. the 45cm long cable with flexible PVC offers practical use and a pleasant feeling of freedom:Connections:1x USB (male) 1x USB (female) Length: 45cm

    7,49 € excl. tax
  • The 3-in-1 cable connects HDMI, USB and Power from the Linkbox to the Vive headset. It has a length of 5 meters. You can now go back into virtual reality beyond your imagination

    37,49 € excl. tax
  • The advantages of this protection    Compatible with HTC Vive headset and controllers     Protects against scratches and shocks that can occur during daily use     Precision cut that does not clog sensors for optimal tracking performance     Several colors available including black

    24,96 € excl. tax
  • Replacement headband for the VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Replace the worn and worn original strap with a new standard headband to ensure optimum comfort.

    20,79 € excl. tax
  • The first Eye Movement Tracker for the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset: aGlass DKII (Version 2 Development Kit)Compatibility : HTC Vive - HTC Vive Pro     Full field of view (FOV) tracking      Simultaneous Binocular Tracking      High accuracy      Low latency: accurate recovery of motion data

    495,00 € excl. tax
  • The PU leather replacement foam for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will perfectly fit the shape of your face. More comfortable than the original foam, the 6mm thick will increase your field of vision.     Easy to clean (antiseptic wipe)      Enhanced FOV (field of vision)      Compatible with HTC Vive headset

    16,63 € excl. tax
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  • Optimize your HTC Vive Deluxe Headphones with the foamable replacement foam that does not absorb sweat. Easy and convenient to clean with a blow of disinfectant wipe.

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  • New product : HTC Vive Wireless AdaptorEnhance your virtual reality experience by freeing you from all the connection cables connected to the headset with the TPCAST for HTC Vive, the wireless adapter :     Free movement without cables      Broad bandwidth      Display quality equivalent to cable version

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  • You will often travel with your HTC Vive VR equipment, we will equip you with a pack including the suitcase, tripods and kneecaps to travel in all circumstances: Train, plane ...Bundle comprising :     GOVR, Helmet carrying case HTC Vive (M)      2 x Manfrotto Ultra Lightweight Compact Tripod      2 x Ball Head Tripod Sensor VR - Govark

    688,83 € 654,39 € excl. tax
  • HTC Vive wireless controller to interact in your virtual world including:     24 integrated sensors      Multi-function trackpad      Touch-haptic interface      Rechargeable batteryDelivered with: Micro-USB power adapter and charging cable

    120,82 € excl. tax
  • Enhance your VR experience with integrated sound through the Premium Audio Headset and be immersed in your virtual reality universe.     Integrated Earphones      Adjustment of height - angle      Lighter and less cumbersome cables for the user

    99,99 € excl. tax
  • Peripheral to track the movements of any object or surface. With the Vive Tracker, you can finally track the actual movements of whatever you want.Compatibility with HTC Vive Tracker (2017) - HTC Vive - HTC Vive Pro Unlimited tracking capabilities Tracking movement of body, objects, animals ... Imagine what you want Included : Tracker, micro-USB...

    99,99 € excl. tax
  • All-in-one carrying case with pre-cut foams for HTC Vive virtual reality headphones, storage for notebooks up to 17 "and tripod attachments. Compact and lightweight business travel, install your room scale in minutes.Integration of the following equipment into a suitcase* :*Selling of the suitcase onlyHTC Vive headset with audio set (x2) wireless...

    499,33 € excl. tax
  • The memory foam replacement for your HTC Vive headset is very comfortable and will fit perfectly the shape of your face. The 14mm of thickness respect the dimensions of the original foam.Easy to clean (antisceptic wipe) Perfect for demoing/exhibitions HTC Vive compatible

    16,63 € excl. tax
  • Disposable mask compatible with all virtual reality headsets on the market. Don't worry anymore about hygiene, sweat and bacteria that can be transmitted. This Batman-shaped version of the mask will make the immersive experience 100% clean and playful.Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and comfortable Compatible with all VR headsets on...

    0,53 € excl. tax
  • We named "SuperMask" this disposable cover compatible with all VR helmets on the market. You no longer will worry about lending you VR headset to another person or even a stranger. This sanitary mask is perfect for intensive and successive use.Batch of 100 masks per box (1 unit = 100 masks) Disposable (single use) not washable Hygienic and...

    36,00 € excl. tax
  • The HTC Vive VR Cover allows you to keep your headset clean. With 2 layers 100% cotton and a snug fit around the headset foam. Enjoy your HTC Vive headset for test sessions, demonstrations, exhibitions and get the most hygienic immersive experience !

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Our recommendation of extras for HTC Vive

htc vive tracker

HTC Vive Tracker

With the HTC VIVE Tracker, transport any object in your virtual world. Now you can easily and wirelessly bring specific objects inside your games. Push the HTC Vive VR experience even further!

trackstrap htc vive tracker


The ultimate accessory to attach your HTC Vive Tracker to anything, be it objects, your arm or foot: everything is possible for a full body tracking. This product made of elastic neoprene is comfortable and shock resistant.

supermask masque protection vr

SuperMask : disposable VR protective mask

With SuperMask, you no longer have to worry about lending your headset to another user. This protection creates a protective barrier between the face skin and the virtual reality headset. It is one of the essential accessories to maintain hygiene at conventions, fairs and presentations.

vrcover htc vive

VR Cover

VR Cover protective foams are perfect for shared use of a virtual reality headset. Made of imitation leather, they offer waterproof protection that is easy to clean, allowing you to reuse your headset straightaway.