Warping processor


A professional image processor for image switching, format conversion, geometric correction, 3D decoding, image rotation, flipping, cropping and display in PIP/POP.

  • Warping
  • Video wall
  • Picture in picture - Side by side
  • Flip
  • Stacking
  • Geometry
  • 3D

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Inputs and outputs

  • Video Input: 1xHDMI, 1x VGA, 1x DVI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x YPbPr
  • Max. Input resolution: 4K / 2K @ 30HZ.
  • Video Output: 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, Max. Output resolution 1920 * 1200.
  • Audio: Integrated HDMI audio, analog R / L RCA audio jack PC.
  • Audio Output: RCA 1x SPDIF, HDMI embedded audio, analog R / L RCA.
  • DisplayPort and HDMI / DVI Support WQXGA 3840x1080 @ 60Hz &, 4k / 2k @ 30Hz input with 4: 4: 4 color sampling complete without compression.

Warping - Geometry

  • The patented deformation technology for precise geometric alignment.
  • Quick angle adjustment, H & V keystone correction, pincushion and barrel adjustment, rotation, and image flip.
  • Edge mask image
  • Conversion Ratio 16: 9 and 2.35: 1

Warping processor

Active and passive 3D

  • Decoding 3D Blue Ray formats, PC ...
  • Converting an active 3D signal up to 1080p @ 120Hz FHD for passive 3D display.
  • Supports HDMI 1.4a 3D formats, including 1080p / 24Hz frame packed, Side by Side, Top-bottom, interlaced line and sequential image for passive 3D display.
  • Supports 3840x1080 Side by Side and 1080i / 60Hz frame packed 3D FHD a SONY camera.
  • Supports PIP passive 3D display.
  • A special algorithm for perfect synchronization for excellent 3D immersion!
  • Supports geometric alignment of the image in passive 3D display on curved surface, stacking images and Edge Blending.
  • Supports DLP-Link 3D Ready or Nvidia 3D Vision for 3D active deformation of the image (for display on curved surface), stacking (stacking) of the image (better brightness) and melting the edges (view larger 'display screen). The output resolution is limited to XGA / 720p 120Hz but not FHD 120Hz.

High-end video processor

  • High-bandwidth 10-bit processor with adaptive 3D deinterlacing motion, low angle algorithme film detection mode 3: 2/2: 2 and recovery function.
  • With the Picture-in-Picture function (PIP) at any location of the image to XGA.
  • Intelligent color control, including preset display modes, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness adjustments and separate RGB setting to adjust the color.

Warping processor

Videowall function

  • Based video wall for splitting, cutting and magnify images.
  • Control the video wall and Edge Blending up to a 15x15 matrix display.
  • Flip function and image rotation can be applied to the video wall to accommodate irregular video wall.

Rotation and flipping

  • Built-in horizontal turning / vertical image.
  • Image Rotation 90/180/270 °.

Image rotation processor


  • PIP function with selectable input selection.
  • Max PIP: 1024x768.
  • Size flexible image ratio report, adjusting the position through an OSD or IR controller
  • POP function selection with full screen or report the original ratio.

PIP function processor

System control

  • Reliable and durable design for long-term industrial and commercial applications.
  • Complete functional keyboards and IR controller.
  • With internal grid pattern for quick and easy installation.
  • IDW # for each controller. Convenient for installation and system control via IR, RS232 and Ethernet.
  • Keypad lock.
  • Parameters multiple profiles (registration and recall)
  • Integrated with IR extension (up to 20 meters), RS-232 and optional Ethernet control.
  • Size and weight: 440x189x45mm, 2.35 kg.
image warping processor

Warping image videoprocessor

image cropping processor

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