Projector E-Vision Laser 8500 Digital Projection


The E-Vision Laser 8500 offers an outstanding brightness of 8500 lumens with its ultra stable saler luminous source capable of producing up to 20,000 hours of projection without light loss.

  • 20 000 hours of constant illumination
  • Instant ON/OFF
  • HDbaseT - 3G - SDI inputs
  • 24/24h usage
  • Natives functions : Edge Blending, warpblanking, cornerstone

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15 276,00 € incl. tax

12 730,00 € excl. tax


Flexibility of the E-Vision 8500 laser projector

High-end projector

This projector ensures a minimum of maintenance throughout its life because there is no lamps replacements to be expected, virtually all acquisition and maintenance costs are incurred at the time of purchase.

+ Dual Pipe
+ Eyeglass synchronization
+ Accelerates refreshing of images by x2 or x3
+ Use 24/24h
+ Edge blending - Warpblanking - Cornerstone
BrandDigital Projection
TechnologyMono-DLP laser
ResolutionWUXGA (1920x1200)
Lumens8 500
Contrast ratio4 000 : 1
Refresh rate60 Hz
Warranty3 years

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