Polarizer SmartCrystal Pro Volfoni


Polarizer to convert active 3D projection into passive 3D.
  • Only one 3D projector is required
  • Bright and clear images with the "Surface Switching" technology
  • Easy installation and easy to use on all type of 3D DLP-Link projectors
  • SmartCrystal technology, approved by the Walt Disney Film Studios
  • Wired synchronization on standard output VESA-DIN3

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3D for all

The SmartCrystal Pro system developed by Volfoni is the perfect solution for professionals and home theater (Meeting, conferences, events ...)

Compatible with DLP-Link projectors up to 5000 lumens.

Depending on the configuration of the environment, you can adjust and optimize the image quality through its USB port.

SmartCrystal Pro polarizer

UsagePRO, Home cinema

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