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Digital Projection has launched a free software to manage multiple projectors from a single PC application.

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Perfect to use in large installations or where the projectors are in many places in a building, the software can significantly reduce the time required to set up and configure...

Control multiple projectors from a single application

Designed to be used with the Titan Quad & Pro Series 3, lightning, Highlite Laser and Vision M-930 projectors, it provides complete management and operation of 1 to 100 projectors on a LAN simultaneously. It is free software and is available for free download.

OSD access directly from the application

From a single screen layout, you can see all the projectors and the access settings for a single projector or groups of projectors. Some key features include:

  • Create projectors groups which can be controlled simultaneously.
  • Display essential information, such as model name, Power, state of the lamp fo all projectors on the network.
  • View the log containing all interactions between software and projectorS.
  • View network information (IP, MAC adress...)
  • Turn ON/OFF, OPEN/CLOSE the shutter.
  • Withdraw projectors from network.
  • Edit and control many settings, such as:
    • Optical, image, colors, geometry...
  • Setting Edge Blending / PIP.
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