Disposable VR cover/mask for Headset


We named "SuperMask" this disposable cover compatible with all VR helmets on the market. You no longer will worry about lending you VR headset to another person or even a stranger. This cover / mask is perfect for intensive and successive use.

SuperMask is suitable for use in exhibition and demonstration.

  • Disposable (single use) not washable
  • Hygienic and comfortable
  • Compatible with all VR headsets on the market

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Universal disposable VR mask

Providing hygiene and comfort when wearing a virtual reality headset. Avoiding transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi from one user to another.

To rectefyy this, we have invented a cheap disposable non-woven textile resistant and absorbent.
Thus, a barrier of defense is created avoiding any direct contact between the skin of the user face and the headset
Disposable VR mask for HTC Vive
Choose an economical disposable solution for your demonstrations and shows.

Universal compatibility : HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Smartphones VR devices...

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