65" display 3D Glasses Free Ultra-D Stream TV Networks


Stream TV Networks has developed 3D technology (Ultra-D) that allows you to watch 3D television without having to wear glasses. You can create specific, technology-optimized content via After Effect, but you can also convert any HDMI source to UltraD. 3D adjusts as the volume, set the 3D factor between 0 and 200 to switch from a 2D image to a 3D image.

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An engaging experience for the customer

The 65-inch Ultra-D 3D display incorporates a 65 "4K LED backlight integrated with Ultra-D technology with 3D glasses free.
This screen can automatically program and launch pre-converted Ultra-D content from a content management system via USB.

Real-time conversion technology converts 2D or stereoscopic 3D content (with glasses) into a 3D view without glasses. In addition, all data can be viewed without glasses. The following devices can take advantage of this innovation: Blu-Ray players, Cable, Satellite, Media players, video cameras...

Key features

Content magamenent :
  • Schedule and Play via USB
  • Event logging
  • Time synchronization
  • Remote software update
  • 24/7 Operation supported by an internal watchdog
HDMI I/P Support :
  • Conversion to Ultra-D from 2D and 3D Sources (Progressive and Interlaced)
  • 2D as 2D
  • HDCP compliant
  • HDMI compatible
Audio support :
  • Stereo audio output
Remote control functions :
  • Volume Up and Down, Brightness/Contrast Adjustments, 3D Factor/3D Offset Adjustments, Conversion Selections (2D as 2D,
    2D to Ultra-D, 3D as Ultra-D), Preferences, and About Device
Ports :
  • x2 USB
  • x2 HDMI
  • x1 RJ45
  • x1 3.5mm stereo audio
BrandStream TV Networks
Resolution3840 x 2160
Contrast ratio4 000 : 1
3DYes, 3D Glasses free
Refresh rate120 Hz