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HoloBlast is an ultra transparent tulle composed of a patented chemical material to present hologram objects, characters and landscapes in an ultra-realistic way for astonishing visual experience. The singularity of this holographic tulle is the restitution of light on its material for a luminous rendering.
Available up to 3 meters in height and unlimited width, it is possible to create a dynamic interaction between the real environment and the virtual content. The possibilities of presentation have as only limit your imagination.

  • Holo effects of any size
  • Impressive rendering
  • Flaxible and easy integration (lightweight)
  • Requires a projector

Price by sqm* : 350,00 € Excl. tax
*Standard height 3m (Minimum order : 3x1m)

More details

Operation and installation of the hologram material

The integration of the holographic fabric is flexible and facilitated by its flexibility and lightness for an installation in any possible configuration. The visual rendering of virtual content on the material is excellent up to an environment with moderately intrusive ambient light. In very bright environments, the projection area of the tulle should be darkened.

  • Height up to 3m
  • Unlimited width
  • Projection step back: Depends on the model, lens, position and angle.
  • Resolution: Depends on the projector
Holographic projection tulle objects characters HoloBlast

Recommendation for a successful holographic effect

In order to create a stunning holographic effect for your presentations, your visual communication, we advise you to develop content specifically dedicated to the hologram:

  • Content on black background
  • Constant movement (eg: product rotating 360°)
  • Contrast ratio and high brightness
  • Good color reproduction
Any kind of content (videos, animations, 3D objects) can be presented on the HoloBlast canvas if it is optimized as recommended. The choice of the projector is also essential, the highest resolution is recommended (HD, 4K).


The hologram is perfectly dedicated to a product launch campaign, an official presentation or a professional showroom / demonstration:

  • Product launch
  • Tradeshow / Demo
  • Training
  • Hologram conference
  • PoS and Promotion
  • and many other applications...

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