GOVR, Carry case for HTC Vive headset (S)


Transport case with pre-cut foams for the HTC Vive VR headset model. For the most mobile among you, the GOVR (S) case secures your equipment while being compact.
  • HTC Vive headset
  • (x2) wireless controllers
  • (x2) Base stations
  • Linkbox
  • HDMI, USB, mains cable

More details

195,00 € incl. tax

162,50 € excl. tax

Production delay 2 weeks

Professional travel suitcase

Designed to carry HTC Vive headset and its accessories. It can be used as hand luggage when traveling in plane and has custom foams of high quality for maximum protection.

Lightweight & Robust

Injection molded case provides super tough durability and light weight.

High quality foams

Custom-made pre-cut foams for HTC Vive are superior quality and keep your equipment in place while absorbing potential shocks.


Lockable with double padlock holes for enhanced security


IP67 waterproof rating

Easy opening

Double latches for easy opening without forcing
ModelHTC Vive
Weight2,76 kg
Inside Dimensions426 x 290 x 159mm
Outside Dimensions464 x 366 x 176mm
DurabilityHeavy duty
Pressure Relief ValveYes

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