Trackstrap™ to attach HTC Vive Tracker


The ultimate accessory to attach your HTC Vive Tracker to anything, whether on objects or on your arm or foot for complete body tracking.

  •      Very comfortable, elastic neoprene
  •      Shock-resistant and absorbs impact vibrations
  •      Patented Accessory: Strap Hinge
  •      Originally designed to fit feet, shoes but also fits on many objects / accessories for infinite motion tracking possibilities (Arms, belts, animals, skateboards, weapons, pans, dumbbells, baseball bats , etc.)

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Exploit real movements in VR

The HTC Vive Tracker is designed to be used by developers to exploit infinite possibilities of movement to be transcribed into virtual reality, in order to monitor the entire movement of the body, an object or even an animal.

That's why the Trackstrap ™ is the perfect accessory to easily attach your device to any surface.
  •      Works equally well with: Arm, belt, cat, dog, skateboard, sword, gun ...
ModelHTC Vive

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