HTC Vive Tracker 2.0 (2018)


Peripheral to track the movements of any object or surface. With the Vive Tracker, you can finally track the actual movements of whatever you want.

  • Compatibility with HTC Vive Tracker (2017) - HTC Vive - HTC Vive Pro
  • Unlimited tracking capabilities
  • Tracking movement of body, objects, animals ...
  • Imagine what you want
  • Included : Tracker, micro-USB cable, AC adapter, USB dongle, dongle holder

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Tracking the movements of any object

The Vive Tracker transposes any real object into virtual reality. Connect it to an object, a part of the body or even on an animal. You are free to create unique RV games and experiences by harnessing your imagination.

Enrich the user's immersive experience

This "Object Tracker" offers you a multitude of possibilities to create games, immersions, experiences more and more incredible. HTC Vive Tracker is particularly suitable for developers.

Virtual Reality in Sports

The Vive Tracker is also ideal for designing sports games and exploiting real objects (rackets, baseball bats, soccer ball ...) to transcribe real movements and sensations in the virtual world
ModelHTC Vive

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